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Repairing the most common septic problems starts with the most advanced technology.

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A certified and trained technician from Septic Medic can help find a solution without replacing the entire system.

Most septic service providers don’t have the technology or training to provide septic system repairs, which is why they almost always offer a full replacement. This is where Septic Medic stands out. Our technology is the only one in its class to be endorsed by both the province of Alberta and the government of Canada as a safe and effective method for remediating failing systems.

In addition to these advanced technologies, we also install and service conventional (and unconventional) septic systems. At Septic Medic, our team is honest and only does work that’s absolutely necessary. We won’t try to upsell you or recommend a replacement if we can fix it. Our on-site assessment will let us know if you can fix your septic system, including the most cost-effective solution based on a personalized assessment

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Septic Medic uses advanced technology to fix failing septic systems without replacing them.

When the soil gets clogged, it causes wastewater to move slowly, and sewage can come up near the drain field. This can be dangerous for your family and property. In Alberts, having raw sewage come up on your property can result in hefty fines.

Septic Medic invests in the equipment, technology and knowledge to fix your septic system. They offer a thorough inspection to prevent future issues and can pump the septic tank if needed. Using advanced technology, they can restore soil that has aged and become blocked, helping you avoid a costly and time-consuming replacement.

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Septic Medic is your reliable septic service provider for handling the toughest septic problems.

In addition to treating wastewater and fixing soil and drain field issues, we use advanced alarms and in-line heat tracing. We’ve even introduced a unique technology for our clients during the alarm phase. We’re capable of installing and maintaining all our equipment. Our services cover comprehensive repairs, including emergency situations.

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Can My Septic System Be Fixed?

When dealing with a major problem, many clients wonder if their septic system can be repaired instead of replaced. The simple answer is yes – most of the time, septic system issues are repairable.

When you contact us for service, we:

  • Inspect and test all existing equipment, such as pumps, floats, and alarms, including checking the tank’s condition.
  • Examine the drain field for any damage, identifying issues like physical damage, organic failure, or landscaping problems.
  • Assess the possibility of repair based on the overall condition of the equipment and the drain field.
  • Provide a septic system service recommendation based on our evaluation of any physical or organic damage to your property.

When the drain field malfunctions, you’ll notice soft or muddy areas, unpleasant odors, and vibrant green grass. A failing drain field presents significant health and safety risks, environmental hazards, and a considerable risk of winter freeze, leading to sewage backup in your home. Don’t ignore signs of drain field failure – contact us immediately!

Warranty and Guaranteed Service

At Septic Medic, we trust in the quality of our work. Our workmanship comes with a Lifetime Guarantee for remediation projects and a thorough warranty for all installed equipment. When you opt for our team, you’re selecting the top-tier quality of septic services available in the industry.

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Medicine Hat and Area’s Leader in Septic Service

Septic Medic is well-prepared to solve your most challenging septic problems with various septic systems and cost-effective solutions. Our team members are experienced and trained in all aspects, from advanced technologies to traditional methods. Count on Septic Medic to solve the most challenging septic system issues.

Financing for all Septic System needs

Experiencing a septic system failure can be terrifying and very costly. Septic Medic provides financing (subject to approval) for all our services and products to ensure your peace of mind. We strive to identify the most economical solution, even for the most intricate problems.

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Reach out to us for a septic system health checkup and estimate without any obligation. We understand that every client requires a personalized septic system that is cost effective, eco-friendly, and tailored to their unique requirements. As your septic system expert, we prioritize educating you about your septic system and won’t pressure you into making decisions you’re not comfortable with.

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