Why Choose Septic Medic

Providing experience septic system solutions for all rural homeowners


Get the solution for your septic system all in one place.

We are different from other providers! Our trained septic technicians can handle complete septic system installations, affordable repairs, inspections, and maintenance. When you get all the services you need in one place, you can be confident that your septic system will keep working properly.

As a top septic service provider in Medicine Hat, we are skilled in using, installing, and maintaining the latest septic technology and equipment, setting us apart from others. The technology we provide is approved as safe and effective by both the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada for fixing failing systems. Our methods fully follow all regulations.

Trustworthy Service

After completion of all septic projects, we offer a 20 year Workmanship Guarantee, as well as extensive equipment warranties for your peace of mind.

Leading Technology

Septic Medic provides the most advanced technology in the industry. We are an exclusive certified installer in Medicine Hat and area.

Cost Savings

Our exclusive system allows us to avoid septic system failures and, in most cases, replacement of septic systems. Saving you thousands!

24/7 Availability

In the event of a septic emergency, one of our experienced technicians will respond within minutes. We can conduct on-site visits immediately when required.

Full Service

Septic Medic is your full service septic system for installation, repair, pumping, and all necessary maintenance requirements.

Service Guarantee

Our service guarantees and warranties are the best in the industry, ranging from 20 years on workmanship to Lifetime on technology and equipment.

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Contact us for your septic system services throughout the year.

Your septic system operates 24/7, and complications can arise at any hour, potentially leading to significant fines and posing health and safety risks. If you encounter issues with your septic system or tank, our technicians are ready for immediate response and service, available around the clock.

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A new approach to fix your septic system issues

Despite new and improved technologies in the septic industry, many service providers still stick to outdated methods. Technicians often haven’t kept up with the latest training, technology and continue using old techniques for new systems. At Septic Medic, we promote continual training for our technicians and use of cutting-edge technology to address septic issues for all rural homeowners.

When you choose Septic Medic, you can expect:

  • The newest technology, equipment, and current training.
  • Dependable services from skilled technicians.
  • Honesty and integrity with no pushy sales tactics.
  • Quick response time to emergencies.
  • A responsible and knowledgeable team with a high level of accountability.

As a fully licensed, insured, bonded, and certified company, Septic Medic can provide you with all required documentation for all septic services. Our methods are modern, practical, and environmentally friendly.


We are here for you

As a homeowner, you probably don’t think much about your septic system. But when a problem comes up, it becomes your top concern, and finding a solution becomes urgent. Dealing with septic issues can be stressful and frustrating, especially when you’re not getting the help you need. Our team understands this, and we’re here to help. We respond quickly, aiming to visit your property within 24 hours.

Septic problems can pose serious health and environmental risks. We ensure we act promptly and efficiently. If you’re facing any septic system issues, contact Septic Medic today. Talk to a certified local technician, and we will come diagnose your septic issues.


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We are happy to help!

Our experienced technicians are happy to share their septic system knowledge with you. With decades of industry experience, we’ve seen both premature failures and systems that outlast expectations. Our technicians have successfully addressed various issues and know what it takes to ensure your septic system functions well for many years.

Taking care of your septic system and keeping it in good shape begins with understanding how it operates. We aim to guide you through the process, inform you about what to expect, and provide tips on maintaining your system for its optimal lifespan. At Septic Medic, we’re not just about selling products or services – we uphold a higher standard in the industry


Contact Septic Medic for your System Health Checkup

Our clients require a customized septic system that is both cost effective and environmentally compliant, tailored to their individual requirements. As your septic system specialist, we invest time in providing you everything you need to understand for your septic system and will never pressure you into making decisions that are unnecessary.

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