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Medicine Hat and Area’s leaders in septic system installations, repair & remediation


Established based on the principles of industry-leading practices, cutting-edge technologies, and cost-effectiveness, Septic Medic offers solutions for septic system issues faced by rural homeowners.

Unfortunately, as part of the rural lifestyle, septic failures can be messy and costly. The majority of these failures stem from the natural build-up of organic biomatting, leading to clogged leach lines and impaired soil drainage. This natural process is accountable for over 90% of septic failures.

Utilizing patented equipment and technology, we devise and implement certified solutions and systems that rectify issues in failing systems, equipment, and organic drain fields. Our close relationship with regulators ensures that all our work not only meets but surpasses full compliance and expectations across Alberta.

Our priority is the health and safety of you and your family, while being aware of the cost of septic failure. We take pride in offering extensive warranties and guarantees for all our work

Service You Can Rely On

After completion of our septic services, we offer a 20 year workmanship guarantee., as well as extensive equipment warranties for your peace of mind.

Industry Leading Technology

Septic Medic is an exclusive, certified installer and provider for many advanced technologies. We only work with the best technology!

Cost Saving Solutions

In the event of septic system failure or problems, our team completes a thorough on-site review to confirm issues and propose solutions.

Experience award winning service from a team of highly trained septic specialists.

Equipped with an array of septic systems, technologies, and cost-effective solutions, our team will help diagnose any of your septic issues. All team members are experienced and trained in all areas of septic, covering advanced biotechnologies, conventional methods, regulatory compliance, and mechanical engineering. As a fully licensed, insured, bonded, and certified company, Septic Medic will provide you with all documentation for all septic services.

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Services backed by Experience, guarantees and warranties

At Septic Medic, we believe in our work. All our work is guaranteed for a lifetime, and any equipment we install comes with a 20 year workmanship guarantee. When you work with Septic Medic, you’re working with Medicine Hat’s top septic service provider.


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Financing for all Septic System needs

Experiencing a septic system failure can be terrifying and very costly. Septic Medic provides financing (subject to approval) for all our services and products to ensure your peace of mind. We strive to identify the most economical solution, even for the most intricate problems.


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Septic Medic uses the Most Advanced BioTechnology to repair failing septic systems without replacement

Many homeowners are often told they need to replace their entire drain field, but more than 80% of drain field issues can actually be fixed. In many cases, we can fix the drain field without replacing the whole drainage system. By using advanced technology to fix old and blocked soil, we can help you avoid a costly and time-consuming replacement.

When the soil gets blocked, wastewater moves slowly, and sewage water might come up near the drain field. Eventually, the ground gets soaked, and sewage can rise or flow toward your home, putting your family’s health and property at risk. In Alberta you might face hefty fines for sewage coming up from the ground on your property.

Septic Medic provides the technology, equipment, and know-how to repair your septic system. We can also conduct a thorough inspection to prevent future issues and pump your septic tank.


Contact Septic Medic for your System Health Checkup

Our clients require a customized septic system that is both cost effective and environmentally compliant, tailored to their individual requirements. As your septic system specialist, we invest time in providing you everything you need to understand for your septic system and will never pressure you into making decisions that are unnecessary.

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