Septic System & Septic Tank Inspection

Regular inspections can help avoid expensive problems and maintain the overall well-being of your entire septic system.

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Keeping your home’s septic system in good condition through regular maintenance and inspections is crucial.

You may need a professional to check your septic system for various reasons, like ongoing issues or when selling your home. It’s vital to ensure proper inspection and consistent maintenance based on the inspection.

During Septic Medic’s inspection process, we thoroughly assess and provide accurate recommendations for repairs and maintenance. As a Septic Medic customer, you’ll have access to all your septic system reports and maintenance records. We take the time to answer your questions, explain how your system works, and address any concerns you might have.


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Protecting your property

Inspections are an important part of maintaining your septic system and your first line of defence in preventing issues. Our goal is to address potential problems that can lead to blockages and sewage leaking back into your home, damaging your property and causing serious health and environmental risks.

Often, a yearly inspection can prevent emergency services, costly repair, or full system replacements. We can typically restore your system back to optimal performance and function, if we can fix the problem early on. Our assessments and recommendations address only the services you need – we will never try to sell you a replacement or repair that is not necessary.

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Contact us for your septic system services throughout the year.

Your septic system operates 24/7, and complications can arise at any hour, potentially leading to significant fines and posing health and safety risks. If you encounter issues with your septic system or tank, our technicians are ready for immediate response and service, available around the clock.

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What’s Included in a Septic System Inspection

Septic system inspections look into the health and condition of your septic system. When getting an inspection, make sure the company checks the entire system, not just the tank.

A septic system inspection should cover:

  • The tank’s condition and size
  • A complete evaluation of the drain field area
  • Any concerns about landscaping or grading that could impact system operation
  • Issues related to the system size compared to home occupancy
  • The condition of mechanical and plumbing equipment, alarms, etc., with testing and analysis of their performance

The entire system, including its current and potential future usage, needs inspection. Inspectors will review every aspect and recommend any necessary repairs, maintenance, or replacement parts.

A failing septic system can show various issues, from mild signs of aging to severe problems needing immediate attention. Identifying and addressing a problem early is possible. Regular inspection is a good way to catch potential issues before they become larger issues and very costly.

Septic Medic provides on-site assessments, detailed inspections, and comprehensive reports for all residential septic systems.

Comprehensive Testing & Inspection

During our septic system inspection and testing, our certified technicians will check the overall health of the entire system, including your septic tank, drain field, and discharge. We’ll also test pumps, filters, floats, and alarms.

In a complete inspection, we thoroughly analyze the site and generate a report to identify any problems with the septic system. We examine the absorption area, liquid levels, and water flow. Through a full inspection, we can catch issues before they turn into major problems – saving you from significant financial burdens!

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Detailed Reports & Inspections

During our inspection, Septic Medic’s certified technicians will provide detailed written reports covering all aspects of the septic system assessment for clients and homeowners.

You’ll receive information about size, capacity, condition, and code compatibility/comparison. Our reports provide recommendations without any obligation. As a homeowner, it’s important for us to help you understand the process and the results.

How to Schedule a Septic System Inspection

After you call we will plan our on-site visit within a week’s time. We provide emergency service 24/7 and are here to answer any questions about your septic system. Septic Medic, delivers high-quality septic system services and advanced solutions with the latest technology.

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When to Schedule a Septic System Inspection

It’s better to have an annual inspection rather than waiting for something to go wrong. Some provinces require homeowners to have qualified technicians inspect their septic systems annually for insurance purposes. Homeowners can use these inspections to catch problems before they become major issues.

The lifespan of a septic drainfield depends on factors like soil, system type, and construction. Annual inspections can alert homeowners to soil issues, preventing expensive replacements due to the system aging out and extending the overall lifespan of the septic system.

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Always Schedule a Septic Inspection Before Buying a Home

Your new home may seem perfect however, a septic inspection can still uncover issues. Before buying a home with a septic system, it’s crucial to arrange an inspection. Home inspectors usually lack the qualifications to assess septic systems due to their complexity. With our septic industry expertise, our technicians can provide a thorough septic inspection.

When selling rural property, a septic inspection can speed up the sale process. We can inform you about your septic system before listing your property, allowing you to set an appropriate price and highlight its perfect working condition.

When purchasing rural property, you can rely on us to evaluate the system’s condition, helping you budget for repairs or replacements before they become a financial headache. Inspecting the septic system before buying can prevent unexpected large expenses and issues down the road!

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The Price of a Septic System Inspection

Typically, septic system inspections range from $249 to $699, depending on how much information is required about your system and if you need detailed reports.

Some clients request a walk-and-talk inspection with our inspector, where they can hear recommendations, discuss findings, and learn about their system. This way, as a homeowner, you can take proactive steps without dealing with unnecessary paperwork.

You receive the inspection report after the inspection, and once you’re a client, we’re available to help with any and all your septic concerns.

What Happens After a Septic Inspection

After the inspection, you’ll want to review your system and its operation against current codes and standards, as well as the original system’s intended operation. If your system worked previously, we can typically restore it to its previous performance without suggesting a replacement.

Despite good intentions, not every septic inspection reveals a system in perfect working order. Some components may need repair or replacement. To ensure everything identified in the inspection is taken care of, you can directly schedule your maintenance appointment with Septic Medic.