Septic System Alarms

Septic System Alarms can help prevent nearly 100% of sewer back-ups that cause expensive property damage.


The easiest way to prevent septic backup is to install a septic alarm.

In the event of septic system failure and sewer backups, a professionally installed septic alarm is your primary defense. The alarm is designed to notify you about issues with sewer water levels. Septic Medic guarantees a quick 24/7 response to sewer water level problems in septic tanks.

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A septic alarm is a crucial part of safeguarding your septic system.

Septic alarms notify you when the system requires attention. It signals when something is wrong, for example if the water level is too high or low, indicating a problem with the pump, timer, floats, and other components. This can prevent an emergency situation, like wastewater backing up into your home.

Without a septic alarm, you won’t be aware of an issue until it turns into an emergency. Once the alarm goes off, you’ll have time to handle the problem and usually have a full day’s worth of water.

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Your septic system operates 24/7, and complications can arise at any hour, potentially leading to significant fines and posing health and safety risks. If you encounter issues with your septic system or tank, our technicians are ready for immediate response and service, available around the clock.

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Professional Installation of Septic Alarms

Septic system alarms can be installed on your home’s wall, outside the tank, or inside the property.

Various types of septic tank alarms include:

  • Dedicated circuit – We usually recommend a separate circuit from the effluent pump. If an electrical circuit trips due to a pump failure, the alarm on that circuit won’t work and can’t alert you.
  • Exterior power – If a dedicated circuit isn’t possible, an exterior-powered alarm with failover protection can be used. This ensures the alarm keeps working even if a circuit breaker trips.
  • Wireless – For existing septic systems without alarms, wireless alarms are flexible. They use wireless or Bluetooth technology to send signals to the homeowner’s mobile device when float cables and electrical options aren’t possible.

Septic tank alarms have three components: a float or level monitoring system to detect wastewater levels, a visual element, and a buzzer. A septic alarm is a simple but effective device that can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in property damages and repairs, whether you have an old or new system

What to do if your Septic Alarm Activates

When your septic alarm goes off, it’s usually not a reason to panic. They are designed to alert you of an impending issue before it becomes something serious so that you have time to act.

Don’t worry if your septic alarm goes off. These alarms warn you about potential issues before they turn serious.

First, check the floor drains for any sewer water entering your home. Also, inspect the septic tank’s effluent level by opening the lid and observing the water level. If the problem persists, let everyone in the household know to reduce water usage. Next, give us a call, and we’ll guide you through some basic troubleshooting, asking preliminary diagnostic questions. If needed, one of our technicians will visit for an on-site assessment and provide service recommendations. When your septic alarm activates, never ignore it, even if you don’t see any problems. We’ll ensure all aspects are addressed, and your system is functioning correctly.

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Septic Alarm Installation

If you choose Septic Medic for your septic system alarm installation, we will ensure top-notch products and expert services. Our products come with extensive warranties and guarantees, including a 20-year warranty on workmanship and a Lifetime warranty on technology and equipment.

One of our technicians will provide a thorough explanation of how your new alarm system operates. Unlike a shared sewage system, your septic system is exclusively yours, so it requires your care and maintenance. To assist our clients in keeping their septic system functioning effectively for as long as possible, we educate them on its operation and how to prevent common issues.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about septic system equipment, accessories, or repairs. Septic Medic, a trusted leader in the industry, employs the latest technology to enhance the functionality of your septic system.

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