Emergency Septic Services

In a septic system emergency, you require services that are dependable and prompt.


Septic Medic is available year round, 24/7 for emergency septic system services.

Dealing with a septic system emergency can be stressful, but at Septic Medic, we can send a technician to your door within 24 hours for an on-site assessment. If possible, we aim to repair the issue and avoid a full replacement. Our team is specially trained to address septic system problems, unlike other providers who often prioritize complete replacements.

Most septic system emergencies can be resolved by addressing backups, replacing pumps, identifying plumbing issues, restoring clogged soil, and handling other necessary repairs. Beyond emergency services we can also arrange septic tank pumping, installations, inspections and reports, and more. Count on us as your experts in septic system repair and servicing.

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Septic Medic uses advanced BioTechnology to fix failing septic systems without the need for replacement.

For many rural homeowners, signs of a failing septic system often raise concerns about the cost of a full replacement. When you experience sewage backup, standing water in your drain field, or a foul smell, it’s natural to worry. The reassuring news is that most septic system emergencies can be resolved.

When you contact Septic Medic, we ask initial diagnostic questions to help pinpoint the issue. A technician will then visit your home, conduct an on-site assessment, and offer service recommendations tailored to your specific situation.


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Contact us for your septic system services throughout the year.

Your septic system operates 24/7, and complications can arise at any hour, potentially leading to significant fines and posing health and safety risks. If you encounter issues with your septic system or tank, our technicians are ready for immediate response and service, available around the clock.

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Signs that are having a septic system emergency

Experiencing a problem with your septic system can be stressful, but not every issue is an emergency. Here are signs indicating that your system is failing and demands immediate attention:

  • Unpleasant Odor – The initial indicator of an emergency is a foul smell coming from your sink, showers, and toilet pipes. If you detect sewage odor in your home, contact us promptly to address the issue before it escalates.
  • Slow Draining – Bathtubs, sinks, and toilets draining at a slow pace or displaying bubbling during flushing signal a likely system blockage. Such a blockage can escalate, resulting in sewage backup, posing significant health and safety risks.
  • Sewage Leakage – The presence of standing water in your drain field or a foul smell in its vicinity constitutes an emergency. Sewage leaking on your property poses health and environmental hazards and may lead to substantial fines if disregarded.

Consider installing a septic alarm if you don’t have one. This alarm will notify you when the water level in your system rises, allowing you to address the problem before it becomes critical. Having a septic alarm can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and property damage.

Septic System Repair

If your septic system is not working well, it doesn’t always need to be replaced. At Septic Medic, our skilled technicians will diagnose problems for drain fields, mounds, and sand filters. We look into why the septic system is having issues and aim to fix it whenever we can, to repair the system instead of costly replacement.

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We are here to help!

If you’re facing a septic system emergency, we’re ready to assist. Our well-trained technicians can handle even the toughest septic problems, including a failing system. We provide services and products with industry leading guarantees and warranties. At Septic Medic, you are in good hands!


Have a septic issue?
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If your septic system is giving you trouble, Septic Medic has the technology and experience to fix it. We’re the top Septic System provider in the area.

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