Septic System & Septic Tank Services

Do you have a septic system emergency?  Septic Medic is available 24/7, 365 to provide emergency septic system repairs.

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Septic Medic provides professional septic system installation, repair and remediation in Medicine Hat, Brooks, Cypress County, County of Forty Mile, County of Newall

When your septic system needs attention, choose Septic Medic. We use industry leading technology to find fixable options for drain fields, mounds, and sand filters. While others may provide only one solution, we can tackle even your toughest septic system issues.

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Contact us for your septic system services throughout the year.

Your septic system operates 24/7, and complications can arise at any hour, potentially leading to significant fines and posing health and safety risks. If you encounter issues with your septic system or tank, our technicians are ready for immediate response and service, available around the clock.

Our soil recovery process utilizes cutting-edge biotechnology, making it among the best in the industry.

In many instances, septic systems experience failure in the drain field due to the accumulation of biomat, which is an organic layer inside the drain field. This thick slime in the soil hinders water flow, causing it to surface instead of going down.

To transform a septic tank into an oxygen-rich environment, an Aerobic Bacteria Generator introduces a specific bacteria culture to the effluent (wastewater). This culture consumes organic matter in the septic tank and throughout the drain field. Once the biomat is digested, previously malfunctioning drain fields return to normal functioning permanently after a brief period of remediation.

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We stand behind our services with guarantees and warranties at Septic Medic.

Our services and products are backed by the most comprehensive guarantees and warranties in the industry, nationwide. We stand behind our work with a Lifetime Guarantee on remediation projects and extensive warranties on all installed equipment. All of our equipment, technology, and services are legally compliant and our team stays on top of the most recent developments in the industry.

Every member of our team is educated and experienced in all aspects of our trade, including advanced biotechnologies, conventional methods, regulatory compliance, and mechanicals. We are guided by the regulations of the Alberta Standards of Practice, Private Sewage under the Alberta Safety Codes Act.


Financing for all Septic System needs

Experiencing a septic system failure can be terrifying and very costly. Septic Medic provides financing (subject to approval) for all our services and products to ensure your peace of mind. We strive to identify the most economical solution, even for the most intricate problems

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Contact Septic Medic for your System Health Checkup

Our clients require a customized septic system that is both cost effective and environmentally compliant, tailored to their individual requirements. As your septic system specialist, we invest time in providing you everything you need to understand for your septic system and will never pressure you into making decisions that are unnecessary.